Why Start an E Commerce Company in Ireland

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=bEC6DLRqLbY

Every businessmen should know details about the industry they intend to invest in. For those interested in the e-commerce sector in Ireland, our Irish company formation consultants have prepared this short video. For more details about this industry or about the company registration procedure in Ireland, please visit: http://www.irelandcompanyformation.com.

4 thoughts on “Why Start an E Commerce Company in Ireland”

  1. AYUSHI KAPOOR (Education is every CHILD'S RIGHT.)

    Hi, I’m an Indian. I want to start my own Cosmetic company in Ireland. Can I start with Sole proprietorship or it’s mandatory for Foreign citizens to start with company ?
    What would be annually organisational expenses including Annual Registration Fee, Business Privilege Tax Return, HR, Account etc & how many employees must be hired ?
    Please suggest….
    I wanna invest in Ireland.

    1. Must be living in Ireland, be a resident or citizen or EU citizen… And the legal privilege for non EU/non Irish is not very inclusive if you aren’t those. It states on the Irish business registration system that you must state your nationality below your signature for every letter or business card you give in Ireland. Kinda discriminative… This shouldn’t be mandatory, but it is in Ireland, I never seen such a thing in any other country…. Hence I am Irish resident and I am opening a business here, I was shocked when I read that line :/…

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